CNY Lucky Seven Seafood Box / 七星报喜

RM343.00 RM298.00

CNY Lucky Seven Seafood Box (Deluxe) / 七星报喜(豪华版)

RM450.60 RM398.00

CNY Reunion Hot Pot Set / 团圆火锅套餐

RM236.60 RM208.00

CNY Good Luck Seafood Box / 好运昌昌来

RM446.30 RM388.00

CNY Five Blessings Seafood Box / 五福临门

RM226.50 RM208.00

CNY Golden Treasure Box / 万鲜聚宝盆

RM701.20 RM598.00

CNY ‘Fu Lu Shou’ Seafood Set (M) / 福禄寿(中)


CNY ‘Fu Lu Shou’ Seafood Set (L) / 福禄寿(大)

RM210.30 RM188.00

CNY ‘Fu Lu Shou’ Seafood Box (Deluxe) / 福禄寿(豪华版)

RM312.80 RM278.00

CNY Reunion Pun Choi / 团圆盆菜

RM518.00 RM458.00

CNY Fortune Seafood Box A / 发发海鲜盒 A

RM100.30 RM88.00

CNY Fortune Seafood Box B / 发发海鲜盒 B

RM111.30 RM88.00

CNY Fortune Seafood Box C / 发发海鲜盒 C

RM103.30 RM88.00

[PROMO] A1 Braised Abalone + FREE A1 Braised Top Shell Slices / A1红烧鲍鱼 + *免费* A1红烧鲍片

RM72.80 RM49.90

Why Fish Club



We catch our own fish and deliver to you as soon as possible. You can’t get fresher fish unless you catch it yourself!



No more preservatives, no more antibiotics, no more carcinogens. Our trick? Our boats make shorter trips and hence your fish do not stay unfrozen for long.



Forget about wet markets or supermarkets! Get the better fish delivered to your doorstep! Deliveries will be free for orders above RM200 (JB) and RM300 (KL)

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