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Starfish Fish Noodle / 大鱼面 - 200g

Starfish Fish Noodle / 大鱼面 - 200g


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A must-have at every hotpot party. Taste the ocean in every bite. / 火锅必备 — 每一口都有海洋的味道!
  • 深海魚製作,口感 Q 弹 / Made with deep-sea fish, bouncy texture
  • 不含防腐劑 / No preservatives
  • 烹煮方便,无需解冻即可下锅 / Convenient to cook, no need to thaw
  • 只需 2 分钟就能享用 / Ready in 2 minutes
STARFISH Fish Noodle / 大鱼面 - 200g
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