Frequently Asked Questions

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About Fish Club

What does Fish Club do?

Our goal is extremely simple, which is to bring the finest fish to people who appreciate quality seafood as much as we do. Fresh-off-the-boat seafood sourced directly from the humble fishermen in Pontian, delivered to your doorsteps!

What makes Pontian seafood special?

Pontian fishing boats are generally smaller, hence each fishing trip is relatively much shorter (as short as 36 hours per round trip) compared to other places which could take up to 2 weeks. This means the fresh catch doesn’t have to stay unfrozen for too long until it gets to us, hence FRESHER fish!

Why choose Fish Club?

Our seafood is sorted, cleaned, packed and flash frozen (-45°C) within hours upon offloading. With seafood so fresh and prompt handling, we’re able to retain maximum freshness of the seafood with NO preservatives at all!

This preserves the freshness of  seafood much better than buying from wet markets and freezing it yourself at home. Why?

Nutrients Lock
Flash freezing prevents ice crystals from forming between meat fibers and breaking them, forcing the nutritious juices out from the fish.

Lasts Longer
Vacuum packing prevents dehydration and limits bacterial growth, so the seafood can be kept for months and remain just as fresh!

Where are your seafood from?

Fish Club offers mostly wild-caught, ocean-fresh fish and shellfish found in Malaysian waters, specifically from Pontian, Johor. Additionally, we also have a selection of imported seafood, poultry, meats and more.


Are your seafood fresh or frozen?

Our seafood are cleaned, descaled, gutted, then vacuum-packed and blast-frozen immediately after capture to lock in maximum freshness. 100% preservatives free!

You will receive our seafood frozen but once thawed and cooked, you’ll be amazed by the fresh taste!

How to store frozen seafood?

Customers are advised to store all frozen items in the freezer  (-18°C or below) as soon as possible upon receiving.

Consume the frozen food within 3 months of purchase for best quality.

I'm ready to cook the seafood, how to thaw?

Immersed sealed package in water, or leave it under running tap water for 15-30 mins (depends on package size). Once the fish / meat feels about 80% thawed, cut open the package and cook away!

Some fish are delicate when raw, excessive rinsing and rubbing may damage the flesh. Kindly handle with care.

Note: It is not advisable to re-freeze raw seafood after thawing.

Why does my fish weigh less than the stated weight?

All our whole fish products are cleaned, descaled and gutted (unless stated otherwise). Naturally, there will be a loss in weight for each fish after removal of fish scale and gut. The weight loss may range from 10-40% depending on the fish type.

It is the industry standard to price a fish based on its original pre-gutted weight. Kindly refer to the product page for the pre-gutted weight and estimated gut loss of the fish.


Where do you deliver?

Our delivery coverage and rates are as follow:

Johor Bahru
RM9.90 Shipping
FREE for orders above RM250

KL & Selangor

RM9.90 Shipping
FREE for orders above *RM250

Other West State

*RM15 Shipping
FREE for orders above *RM250

S$15 Shipping
FREE for orders above S$130
*Tax and custom fees apply

To check whether we deliver to your postcode, kindly enter your postcode on the "Do we deliver?" bar on top of this website.

What if I'm not around at the time of delivery?

Delivery times are subjected to efficient route planning based on delivery addresses of the day. Please be informed that we are unable to fulfill specific delivery time requests.

Though we try our best to provide an estimated delivery time range upon request, actual delivery time can be affected by external factors such as traffic conditions.

To avoid any delay or additional delivery fee, we advise our customers to ensure availability to receive their orders, or provide alternatives (e.g. leave at guard house / neighbour receive on behalf) at own risk.

Can I change my delivery address?

If you need to update your delivery address, kindly inform us at least 1 day (JB) / 2 days (KL) before delivery date.

Any address change later than that will result in postponement of delivery (up to 3 days).

Please be informed that only ONE delivery address is accepted per order, there is strictly no flexibility in changing delivery address on the day according to delivery time. For example, requests such as “Please deliver to home address if deliver after office hours” will not be entertained.

Can I place multiple orders for combined delivery?

All order details will be locked and sent for processing as soon as we confirm it. Once you successfully place an order, there will be no amendments allowed. Please be reminded to review your cart and shipping details carefully before checkout.

In order to maintain an efficient workflow, we do not combine orders as it will cause a disruption within the internal team. Therefore, adding items or combining orders is not available after the order has been placed.

Kindly place another order should you need to purchase more items and they will be sent to you accordingly. Please note that the delivery will be charged separately if the order is placed separately.


What payment methods are available?

We accept payment via FPX (Malaysia only), Credit Card and the following e-Wallet options:

• Touch ‘n Go
• Grab Pay
• Boost

Can I modify my order?

Reasonable modification of order is allowed, provided it is requested by the order cut-off date:

Johor Bahru – 2 days before delivery
Klang Valley & Singapore – 3 days before delivery

Order cancellation after order cut-off date is strictly non-refundable or transferable.

If you need to modify your order, kindly contact our Customer Service (Whatsapp 017-232 6510) before order cut-off.

Can I request cutting or packing according to my preference?

Currently we do not provide customised cutting or repacking service. This is because our seafood are processed and frozen within hours of capture to ensure maximum freshness. Customised cutting will involve thawing and re-freezing the seafood, which is not recommended as it may affect the quality.

The item I want is not in stock, can I pay to reserve once it becomes available?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to reserve or take pre-orders for items that are not in stock at the moment. Especially that most of our fish are wild-caught, we’re unable to estimate the availability of next batch.

Refund & Return

What if I received missing / damaged / wrong items?

Kindly contact us within 24 hours of delivery and provide a photo of the following:

the paper invoice that attached to your order, and the item(s) received

Our customer service will assist you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What if I'm not happy with the products?

Kindly contact us within 90 days of delivery and provide the following:

a photo of the product packaging showing Fish Club sticker with batch code, anda photo / video showing the product condition (colour / texture etc)

Our customer service will assist you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We seek your kind cooperation as a quick chat is required for us to access the situation. Should there be any quality issue, an adequate compensation will be given.