The Fish Club is created by a group of close friends and family who come from a long line of fishermen and fishmongers based in Pontian.

Our roots can be traced back many generations in this tranquil little town where everyone knows everyone.

Even as of today, our families still live in traditional wooden houses on stilts, right by the sea!

If you have lived in Malaysia long enough, it is probably no news to you that Pontian is well known for our fresh & affordable seafood (besides our ketchup-based wonton noodles).

Why is our seafood the best?

With our generally smaller boats, our fishermen take shorter fishing trips, usually no longer than 36 hours per round-trip.

Whereas in some places, it is common for commercial fishing vessels to return from their trips after several weeks.

How does that contribute to the freshness of the seafood?

Shorter fishing trips means that our catch doesn’t have to stay unfrozen for long before it gets to us and hence, FRESHER seafood!

Every early morning, as soon as the fishing boats dock, we carefully select the best daily catch and immediately begin gutting and descaling, followed by vacuum-packing and blast-freezing (frozen within 30 minutes).

This allows us to lock in the freshness of the seafood in the shortest amount of time.

NO preservatives, NO antibiotics, NO carcinogens or all that nonsense. Only lots of love and care!

Good food, good mood!

Upon order confirmation, your seafood box will be delivered straight to your doorsteps within 48 hours*.

We pack our vacuum-packed seafood in heat-insulative polystyrene boxes along with ice packs, ensuring your seafood is kept at optimum temperature to preserve the quality.