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Fish Club has been featured in some newspapers, magazines and trending social news sites in Malaysia and Singapore. Here are some of the news that we are featured in.

We are always thrilled to share our journey with the press and media. If you would like to feature us, please get in touch with us at

  • Malaysia’s fresh food e-tailer Fresh At Heart secures US$275K in crowdfunding via Ata Plus

    The startup will use the funds to expand its offline presence in urban areas and increase marketing efforts

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  • Fresh At Heart secures RM1.15m from equity crowdfunding

    Fresh At Heart chief operating officer and co-founder Joel Chong (left) says the investment will help fuel the company’s ambition to deepen its reach to users, particularly to Malaysia’s major cities where consumers do not necessarily have direct access to the freshest produce. (Pic by Ata Plus Sdn Bhd)

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  • 8 Seafood Delivery Services In M’sia, For Those Who Have No Time To Visit The Market

    Growing up, my father loved to drive down to the fishing villages of Kuala Selangor and bring back a delicious bounty of seafood every time.

    But not all of us have the time to drive all the way to a fishing community (or local fish market, for that matter) to get fresh fish.

    So it’s great to know that there is an abundance of seafood delivery services available in Malaysia. Here are just some that we caught in our net.

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  • Online ‘fishmongers’ deliver fresh catch of the day

    PONTIAN: They are not your normal fishmongers. They are a tech-savvy duo delivering fresh seafood from the Pontian fishing village right to the customer’s doorstep.

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  • Astro AEC 《母亲河》


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  • 走出巴刹开拓新市场 鱼贩网络直播卖海鲜

    The Fish Club海鲜网店由一群年轻业者经营,开启了新一代鱼贩的行销世代。


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  • 美好的一天,由新鲜的海鲜开始。苯珍 The Fish Club

    海鲜在别人眼里可能是较昂贵的食材, 但这么多年来, Fish Club坚信海鲜必须是一个每个人都负担得起的食物也是每一天人体必须吸取的营养来源之一。

    所以Fish Club不但提供贴心的服务同时也给予非常公道的价格让大家都能品尝到新鲜的海产。

    感谢Fish Club的载送服务,如今我们与海鲜的距离就只差一步之遥了。

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  • Our Daily Food 食材地图

    Starting from Singapore and travel around the world to explore the original source of ingredients of our food which we are familiar with in our daily life.

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  • 【今日柔佛头条】1家传统超市变8家青年弃高薪回乡发扬祖业


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  • 海鲜也能网络卖,笨珍90后将当地新鲜海产送到你家

    每逢清晨,满载而归的渔船一靠岸,所有的海鲜就会在30分钟内完成急速冷冻与真空包装。一户来自柔佛笨珍的传统渔家,藉着电商与直播平台的崛起,发展为本地一大网络生鲜电商「The Fish Club」。谁也没想到,这群90后的年轻人刚开始对海鲜其实一无所知,却愿意凌晨4点起床抹黑工作,为的是让生活越来越忙碌的人们,不出门也能通过网络预订吃到新鲜海产。

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