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Easy Herbs

Easy Herbs Baby Healthy Herbs Porridge (6 flavours) / 便利宝宝粥 (6种口味)

Easy Herbs Baby Healthy Herbs Porridge (6 flavours) / 便利宝宝粥 (6种口味)


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Easy Herbs Baby Healthy Herbs Porridge, which made with all-natural ingredients & is specifically designed to provide babies with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

Now available in 6 delicious flavours : 
1. Si Shen Nourishing Stomach Porridge 四神养胃粥 
2. Walnut & Red Date Porridge 核桃红枣粥
3. Chuan Bei Tiger Milk Porridge 川贝虎乳粥
4. Dried Scallops & Oyster Porridge 干贝耗干粥 **Require storage in freezer
5. Green Beans Barley Porridge 绿豆薏米小米粥
6. Red Dates Snow Pear Porridge 红枣雪梨银耳粥

Cooking Method :
Soak ingredients for 15 mins, rinse & cook in 500-600ml water over high heat for 35 mins. Add pork/chicken/vegetables as desired. Soak lotus seeds, red beans, and snow fungus for 30-60 mins until soft before cooking together.
所有材料浸泡15分钟过水清洗一边,再加入适量清水(500-600ml左右)大火焖煮,水烧开后再继续熬煮35分钟即可。可自行加入排骨/鸡肉/蔬菜等。 莲子去心、红豆、雪耳需提前浸泡30-60分钟至软再一起煮

Suitable for : Babies over 6 months old

Storage Method : 
Keep in a dry and cool place for 1 week, Refrigerate for 2 months, or freeze for 6 months.

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