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Mei Wei

Mei Wei Prawns Wantan / 美味鲜虾云吞 - 30pcs

Mei Wei Prawns Wantan / 美味鲜虾云吞 - 30pcs


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Method of Cooking 烹调法

Deep Fried油炸/Boil 水煮/ Steamboat 火锅

Cooking Instruction 烹饪方式

1. Defrost Prawn Wantan 10-15 minutes /解冻10-15分钟

2. Boil Water /把水开水煮滚

3. Add Prawns Wantan in Boiling water /把云吞放入煮滚的开水中烹煮

4. When Prawn Wantan float,let it cook for another 2 minutes/ 当云吞浮上水面,把鲜虾云吞多煮2分钟

5. Serve it hot-dry or soup/ 煮熟后,即可趁热享用

Tip/提示 :Use anchovies or chicken as soup base/ 可选择江鱼仔或鸡汤汤底

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