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Teochew Braised Chicken Feet / 香辣鸡脚 - 10pcs

Teochew Braised Chicken Feet / 香辣鸡脚 - 10pcs


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Authentic Tasty Teo Chew Braised Chicken Feet Frozen Food Pack (300G+-). Does not contain preservatives & additives.
  • Packaging : 300g
  • Origin : Malaysia
Ingredients : Chicken Feet, Dark Soy Sauce, Water, Dried chili, White Garlic, Salt Cooking Method / 如何煮:
  1. Add in some water into a pot. 锅中加入水
  2. Boil the water. 把水煮沸
  3. Add in the food packet. 把整包食品放进锅中
  4. Cook for 15 mins. 煮15分钟
  5. Ready to serve 即可食用
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