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Vburg Vegan Bagel (4 Flavours) / 全素贝果 (4种口味) - 4pcs

Vburg Vegan Bagel (4 Flavours) / 全素贝果 (4种口味) - 4pcs


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  • Contains egg and dairy product.
  • Keep frozen at -18°C.
  • No Pork, No Lard and No Alcohol.
“I’m not a donut, I’m bagel!” The bagel was introduced to the United States by Jews from Eastern Europe and is now popular across the streets of New York! Bagels in New York are as classic as baguettes in Paris. We will spray a layer of soda water on the bagels before entering the oven, which not only locks the moisture in the dough but also makes it chewier! After baking, the surface will show a beautiful luster~ In fact, the bagel was a full round bread at the earliest time, but later the Jews made a hole in the middle of the bread for the convenience of carrying, and put on a rope! A bagel can be regarded as a clear stream, round and chubby, cute and lovely, symbolizing fullness, the most important thing is that its healthy light food idea is refreshing everyone's perception of breakfast, and the outer crispy and tough taste become the first choice for people who respect the concept of health!"
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