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Star Snapper (Kukup Farmed) / 白点笛鲷(龟咯海养)

Star Snapper (Kukup Farmed) / 白点笛鲷(龟咯海养)


Origin: Kukup

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Star Snapper 白点笛鲷

Not your typical farmed fish —— Star Snapper farmed in the Kukup mangrove sea water is fed with natural small fish instead of artificial feed. Unlike what people expect from most pond-farmed fish, this sea-farmed fish has a fresh sweet flavour without any muddy taste! Star Snapper may not be as famous as Red Snapper and Golden Snapper, but it as also a fishermen's favourite and is widely used by restaurants in Singapore to serve at wedding banquets. It is good for braising, frying or making soup. To make a delicious and nutritious soup for mothers in confinement, boil the fish bones with ginger until you get a milky white soup. After that, add the Star Snapper meat and wolfberry to the soup and stew it. 来自龟咯渔村的海养白点笛鲷,在红树林区海水中养殖,并以纯天然小鱼喂养,不使用任何非化学饲料。与一般池养鱼不同,海养的白点笛鲷品尝起来更加清甜,也丝毫不带土味,烹煮后反而有奶油般的香气。龟咯海养白点笛鲷也经常被新加坡餐厅选用来准备宴会的美食。它的肉质柔软,可红烧、煎炸,或煲汤。它的名气虽然不比红鱼和红皂,不过它的味道非常美味,也是渔夫们的心头好。鱼骨可加入姜丝熬成乳白色的汤底,再放入鱼肉和枸杞炖煮成美味又有营养的白点笛鲷汤,非常适合正做月子的妈妈用来补身子。 Chinese Name(s): 白点笛鲷 Origin: Kukup 产地:龟咯 Type: Sea-raised 种类:海养 Flavour: Medium 口味:中等 Texture: Tender 肉质:柔软 Cooking Method: Braise / Pan fry 烹煮方式:红烧 / 煎炸 Weight Loss after cleaning (whole fish): 20-25% 清理后重量减少(全鱼):20-25% Caution: Customized cutting is NOT available. 注意:恕不接受客制化切割 Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C. For best quality, consume within 3 months. 储存方式:冷冻雪藏 -18°C。购买后3个月内食用,品质最佳。 ✅ 100% Preservative Free 绝无防腐 ✅ Cleaned & Gutted 去鳞清内脏 ✅ Vacuum Packed 真空包装 ✅ Flash Frozen 急速冷冻 ————————————————————————————————————————


Additional Information:

Caution: Customized cutting is NOT available. 

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C. For best quality, consume within 3 months.
储存方式:冷冻雪藏 -18°C。购买后3个月内食用,品质最佳。 

100% Preservative Free 绝无防腐  
Cleaned & Gutted 去鳞清内脏 
Vacuum Packed 真空包装  
Flash Frozen 急速冷冻  

How we package your order?

The vacuum sealed seafood products and frozen chill packs, which contain non-toxic gel are packed in a polystyrene box, so the chill packs distribute the cold evenly throughout your fish and seafood, ensuring maximum freshness.

We seal the polystyrene box with packing tape and hand it to our cold chain logistic to deliver to you.

What should I do when my order arrives? 

Remove your seafood products as soon as possible from the box, refrigerate all fresh items and freeze all frozen goods until you are ready to prepare them for consumption.

How is your frozen seafood handled? What is your freezing process?

Our fish and shellfish are processed and immediately frozen in our -45°c blast freezer. No chemicals or preservatives are added during the freezing or production process on any of our seafood items.

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What is a -45 Degree Freezer and how does it affect the seafood when defrosted?

Blast freezing seafood products at a lower temperature keeps the wall of the cell intact, ensuring that water from the inside does not exit. When defrosted, the quality, texture, and appearance will remain completely intact just as if it were a fresh product.  

What is the proper way to defrost frozen seafood products? 

If you have received frozen seafood and placed it in the freezer, remove these items from the freezer and store them in the refrigerator for at least one day before you plan to serve it. Allow 12 to 24 hours for the product to properly defrost. Do not rush the defrosting process as it can affect the flavor and texture of your seafood.  

Why are some seafood products unavailable from time-to-time?

The availability of seafood products depends upon the season, weather, and other conditions that can affect a catch or harvest. Additionally, the harvesting of many seafood products is regulated in order to maintain a sustainable supply.

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