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Hometown Herbal Black Chicken (Whole) / 养生保健乌骨鸡(全)

Hometown Herbal Black Chicken (Whole) / 养生保健乌骨鸡(全)


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If you're looking quick fix to restore energy and boost your immunity, this is it! Ready-to-eat, just heat up and enjoy. 轻松不费时地准备一顿滋补的养身餐吧!熟食,只需加热便能享用。
  • Origin: Johor / 产地:柔佛
  • MSG & Preservatives Free / 不含味精及防腐
  • Chicken Weight / 鸡重量:600~800g
  • Ingredients  / 材料: 当归,川芎,白芍,北芪,熟地,人参,红棗,杞子,甘草
  • For best quality, consume within 3 months from purchase / 购买后3个月内食用,品质最佳
Preparation Method  / 准备方式 Defrost (15~30 mins), steam or microwave (250°C) for 5~10 mins / 解冻 (15~30 分钟),蒸或微波炉加热 5~10 分钟 Customised Cutting NOT Available / 恕不接受客制化切割 NON Halal / 非清真  Chicken & Poultry - NOT Available for Singapore orders  chicken-prepare-method
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