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Mushroom Vegetables Soup / 松茸蔬菜汤包 (25g x 5)

Mushroom Vegetables Soup / 松茸蔬菜汤包 (25g x 5)


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Tags: Ambient, Local, Soup

  • Packing Size: 25gm x 5 sachet
  • Serving Size: One sachet for two person
  • Note: Garlic is packed separately and vegetarians can choose not to put them.

Mushroom Vegetables Soup

Chines Name(s) :松茸蔬菜汤

Ingredients: Cabbage powder, matsutake powder, corn, mushrooms powder, seaweed, radish powder, salt, sugar, mushroom extract, garlic (packed separately)

Suitable For: Vegetarian dishes, noodles, porridge, steamboat

How to cook: 

Put a sachet of 25gm into 1500 ml boiled water to cook for 5 minutes, add your favorite ingredients, cook another 3 minutes and serve.

✅ 100% Pure ingredients, no food preservatives, food additives, food coloring and MSG

✅ Easy and convenient

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