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Mum Mum

Mum Mum Beancurd Prawns Roll / 腐竹卷 - 240g (6pcs)

Mum Mum Beancurd Prawns Roll / 腐竹卷 - 240g (6pcs)


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  • Halal
  • Preparation Method: For steamed or deep fried. No defrost required. Remove product from packaging, steam for approximately 8 - 10 or deep fry them with medium heat about 120°C-150°C until golden brown.
  • Storage Method: Keep frozen at  -18°C
Beancurd (or Tofu) prawn roll is another popular dimsum dish. The outer layer is made of beancurd skin whereas the fillings are made of prawn, chicken, fish, mushroom, and other vegetables.
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