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CNY Yee Sang Box / 捞喜七彩鱼生

CNY Yee Sang Box / 捞喜七彩鱼生


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Enjoy 'Lou Sang' fun at home this CNY —— Made with Sashimi Grade Norwegian Trout. Perfect for gifting!
  • Ready-to-Eat, just defrost & serve!
  • Flash frozen & delivery friendly
  • Keep frozen (-18°C) and consume within 1 month of receiving

Content: Sashimi Grade Norwegian Trout Slices, Papaya Slices, Ginger Slices, Red Ginger Slices, China Cucumber Slices, Yam Slices, Grinded Ground Nuts, Grinded Sesame Seed, Ready Mixed Sauce, Pok Cui, Pepper & Five Spice Powder Suggested serving: 6-8 pax

How to Defrost Without opening the packaging, place the  - Veggie packs at room temperature for 30-40 mins - Salmon slices & jellyfish under running tap water for 10-15 mins ————————————————————————————

内容:刺身等级挪威三文鱼片,木瓜丝,姜丝,红姜丝,黄瓜丝,芋头丝,碎花生,芝麻籽,酸梅酱,薄脆,胡椒粉 & 五香粉 适合 6-8 人份 解冻方式 不打开包装袋,放置 - 包装蔬菜于室温,约 30-40 分钟 - 三文鱼片 & 海蜇于水龙头流水下,约 10-15 分钟

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