How often do you eat fish? There are so many good reasons why you should include fish in your diet. Not only it keeps your brain, eyes and heart healthy, it also helps fight depression!

What is Everyday Range?

In Everyday Range, you will find all of our most affordable, pocket-friendly choices of seafood. Nothing too fancy here, just good-value quality seafood that’ll keep you healthy and your tummy happy!

Just like how we do with all our other products, every product in Everyday Range is thoughtfully sourced and carefully processed for you. So you can take your picks and enjoy the seafood with peace of mind.

Everyday Range, a selection of seafood curated based on Fish Club standards of the following:

✅ Healthy, quality seafood

✅ Pocket friendly, economical choices

✅ Great value for money

Why create Everyday Range?

Quality seafood has always been misassociated with labels such as “expensive” and “luxurious”. Especially since the pandemic has taken a hit on the livelihood of many, everyone is watching their expenses more closely than ever, stretching every ringgit as much as possible.

Although meats such as chicken and beef are also great sources of protein, there are plenty of essential nutrients that can only be found in fish and seafood.

That being said, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy healthy seafood every day without concerns. After all, who says quality seafood has to be a luxury?

Fish Club wants to help put fish on your plate every day. With the introduction of Everyday Range, we hope to ease the selecting process of affordable quality seafood for you and your family.

How we will grow Everyday Range?

If you have been with us for a while, you probably know Fish Club started our journey with our signature Pontian wild caught seafood and we’re extremely proud of it! For decades, Pontian seafood is well loved for its unique flavour —— a hint of sweetness in the savoury taste, which also made it one of the highest priced seafood in Malaysia. As much as we would love for everyone to enjoy quality seafood from Pontian every day, we understand sometimes our wallets just don’t agree!

Therefore,  Fish Club team decided to take our steps outside of our little town to expand our selection for you by sourcing more affordable quality seafood from other parts of the world. Other than imported seafood, we are also sourcing locally from places such as Kong Kong, Kuala Selangor, Sabah and more! No matter where the origin, you will find it labelled clearly on our product pages so you can shop at ease.

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